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Upgrade your WordPress Website with Web3!

Web3 gives the power back to it’s users and is the future of the Internet!

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About Us

Web3 Plugins (W3P) is passionate about decentralization and cutting-edge technology. That is why we have dedicated our software to bring Web3 integration to WordPress with an ease of use that everyone can understand.

Web3 Token Gate

Web3 Token Gate is an innovative NFT authentication plugin for WordPress.

Verify NFT Ownership

Verify Ownership

Authenticates user's crypto wallet to verify NFT ownership.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive Content

Allows exclusive gated content for any NFT collection!

Multiple Outputs

Multiple Outputs

Provides different responses based on user's wallet.

Complete Privacy

Complete Privacy

Does not store any wallet addresses or user information.

Why Web3?


Accountability and transparency.


Equal access for all users witout exception.


Doesn't rely on "trusted" third parties.


Can't be stopped by outside authorities.

What our users say

“Web3 Token Gate made it extremely easy for me to deliver readable PDF comics only to users who owned one of my NFTs!”
“The best part about Web3 Token Gate is that it integrates with my WordPress website without any coding skills.”
“This plugin allows me to reward my readers that support my NFT projects with extra access and special content.”

Web3 Plugins are the Future of WordPress

Web3 Plugins makes Web3 technology easy to integrate into any WordPress website or blog.

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